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General Information & FAQ about the Kolin Token on WAVES

What is Kolin

Kolin born as an acronym of "Konscienco Lingvo" which in Esperanto means "Conscious Language" making reference to the universality of language and to the need of consciousness in technical language.

Kolin aims to become a bridge between different cultures, languages while easing access to education. The Kolin platform aspires to become an agent of change by creating a decentralized centre for translation and international collaboration. Multilingual and open technical material will be generated within a social branch of the platform, and a private branch will offer translation services to private entities. Both will work in tandem with the goal of making access to knowledge universal.

Kolin platform intends to give users from any part of the world a chance to become independent and have access to translation services (documents, articles, websites, etc) by using the Kolin currency to pay specialized translators via the waves blockchain. Technical information can be simplified and rewritten using the platform, performed by experts in the field.

The Kolin platform aims to make these services available to smaller businesses and individuals who may not be able to access such services easily, thereby facilitating 'world information exchange without borders'.

Kolin WAVES Token / Explorer

Kolin is an Asset on the Waves Blockchain

WAVES AssetID: FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW

Foundational Wallet: 3PGsboZa7nvTMcAhL8jzPtrXGjsgU8yKWeQ

Asset Distribution Report  [last update Oct 06 2020 19:56:28 UTC]            

Asset ID          : FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW            
Name              : Kolin                                                   
Symbol            : KOLIN                                                       
Issuer            : 3PGsboZa7nvTMcAhL8jzPtrXGjsgU8yKWeQ                     
Reissuable        : False                                                   
Decimals          : 2                                                       
Total supply      : 1999999929.00                                           
Max supply        : 1999999929.00                                           
Circulating       : 1760122229.00 
Issue Date        : 2018-06-20 19:58:19

Block Explorer

WavesExplorer: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW

PyWaves Asset Distribution: http://dev.pywaves.org/assets/FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW

Wavesdesk: https://wavesdesk.com/asset/FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW

H2OX: https://h2ox.io/waves/asset/FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW

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see Homepage: https://kolin.io

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Free Kolin Token for Testing our Service. Thanks to the donators!

NOTE: send to fauchet deep link seems not to work: https://waves.exchange/#send%2FWAVES%3Frecipient=3PKFMVqinmPuxYtAk24ktNyqCY69g4JtB9r&amount=1

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Kolin Exchange Listings

Token Name: Kolin
Symbol: KOLIN
Circulating Supply: 1'999'999'930

Active Exchanges



KOLIN-WAVES: https://waves.exchange/trade/FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW_WAVES

KOLIN-BTC: https://waves.exchange/trade/FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW_BTC




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